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Let’s get into it immediately!
1. Hug someone.


2. Meditate.


3. Start practicing a new sport.


4. Take dance classes.


5. Write a love letter to yourself.
6. Read your favourite book again.
7. Go out for a walk alone…
8. … or with a friend.
9. Sing loud. 
10. Light up some aromatherapy candles and read a romantic love story.
11. Kiss your partner longer…
12. … and have some fun in the bed.
13. Have a party and invite everyone you love.
14. Get a pet.
15. Wake up early.
16. Find a new hobby.
17. Discover your perfect affirmation…
18. … or pick one every day from our store!
19. Make a list of all the things in your life that cannot be bought.
20. Eat healthier.
21. Exercise.
22. Explore mindful colouring.
23. Write down your dreams, turn them into goals and create an action plan to achieve
them. Start working.
24. Help someone.
25. Call an old friend just to ask they are.
26. Stargaze while hugging your loved one or a warm cup of hot chocolate (or both).
27. Get yourself an inspirational novel.
28. Clean your home.
29. Declutter.
30. Buy a present for a loved one for no reason.
31. Start a morning journal.
32. Give a warm blanket to a homeless person.
33. Go out under the sun.
34. Make yourself a warm cup of tea and relax on the sofa with a nice movie.
35. Have a deep conversation about the meaning of life with your best friend/your partner or your parent.
36. Go to the bookstore and get yourself a real paperback book.
37. Plan a trip.
38. Increase the intake of fruits.
39. Paint.
41. DIY something for your home.
42. Listen to audiobooks
43. Breath deeply for a few minutes and smile.
44. Redecorate your house.
45. Forgive yourself.
46. Every time you see someone, tell them you love them.
47. Stay away from toxic people.
48. Play with kids.
49. Do somethings with your hands everyday.
50. Send the kids to their grandparents for the weekend
51. Stay in silence every morning for 10-15 minutes or even more.
52. Create your own self-care routine for the evenings and follow it religiously.
53. List your values and pin them on the mirror in your bathroom or above your bed. Read them every morning.
54. Write your own list of things that make you happy.
55. Practice self-love daily.
56. Pray to God.
57. Go out with friends every week.
58. Work on accepting the things you cannot change…
59. …and change those you can.
60. Compliment yourself every day.
61. Every evening, think of at least 3 things that made you smile during the day.
62. Reduce your time on the phone.
63. Talk to your loved ones
64. Start collecting happiness quotes.
65. Be more creative with your mornings.
66. Stop worrying about everything.
67. Treat yourself to a gift.
68. Drink more water daily to keep your mood good.
69. Go to a concert of your favourite musician.
70. Do Yoga.
71. Change your job.
72. Save.
73. Be optimistic.
74. Be kind.
75. Write down how you feel right now and find the reasons you feel that way.
76. What did you discover from the previous tip?
77. Make a commitment to yourself to try at least 3 of the tips on this list.