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You don’t have to go the extra mile to be happy. Sometimes, little things really do go a long way! I’ll tell you 14 things you can do to boost your happiness.


1. Hugging

It sounds minor but it makes a difference. Hugging reduces anxiety, it reduces stress, it encourages better quality of sleep, better connection, it  increased our sense of belonging and self-worth. Hugging stimulates the release of oxytocin (the love drug), endorphins and serotonin which all stimulate pleasure.


2. Planning and Goal setting

It’s certainly a happiness booster making plans to do those things we’ve always wanted to do. Just planning it alone makes us feel like we’re a step closer to achieving it.


3. Mindfulness

Paying attention to the present moment helps us appreciate the moment more. Stop worrying about the past or future, and just take in what’s happening around you now. You’ve come a long way, haven’t you?


4. Gratitude

The glass is half full not half empty. Human desires are endless but it helps to be grateful for what you do have, whether it’s little or a lot.
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5. Forgiveness

The importance of forgiving is underestimated. When we forgive, we feel free. We no longer need to avoid a person, get heated up about a person’s presence, or have a mood swing. When we forgive, we are more comfortable.


6. Benevolence

Little acts of kindness will always make us feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel like we are heroes, useful, lovely, e.t.c. Research shows that we’re happier when we do things for others than when we do things for ourselves.


7. Do something you love

Listen to your favorite song, eat your favorite meal, wear your favorite clothes, read your favorite book again, e.t.c. and you’ll instantly feel good.


8. Optimism

Think about the Law of Attraction. What you put into the universe is pretty important. Try to be positive.


9. Spirituality

It’s nice believing that there’s a God that loves us so much. It’s nice to be able to leave our concerns with God and trust that he will help us.


10. Spending money on experiences instead of things

Happiness from purchasing material things are much less shorter and less memorable than happiness from experience. When you acquire something, you feel a lot of pride at the moment. Later, it becomes just another things that you own. Meanwhile, when you spend money on experiences, e.g traveling, you will have the experience in your memory and everything you think of the experience, you will feel happy.
P.S. people like you more when you talk about experiences instead of things.


11. Exercise

When you exercise, negative vibes literally leave the body. You’re instantly uplifted, and not to mention in better shape.


12. Appreciating uncertainty and lack of control

When you already know what going to happen, it takes away from your excitement. There’s nothing to look forward to. It’s fine to not know everything now. Just enjoy the process and trust that everything will be just fine.


13. Sleep

Sleep relaxes our bodies, mind, and spirit. When we wake up, we’re usually refreshed, calmer and happier.


14. Be Enthusiastic about something

Looking forward to something always lifts up our spirit every time we think about it. Imagine getting ready to purchase your first car, or planning a trip. Your mood instantly improves from excitement. That’s a good feeling.